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Research Activities

The research and development of innovations in the aerospace sector is at a global strategic level, an expression of technological skills and high-level professionalism.
The Italian aerospace sector is seventh in the world and fourth in Europe and is the largest manufacturing sector in Italy in the segment of high-tech integrated systems. Redam collaborates with the main players in the national aerospace system and aims to position itself as a leader for Aircraft system and assembly applications.

Research Activities
Some R&D Projects

C27J Aft Fuselage Re-Engineenrig

ALCAS Project (Advanced Low Cost Airframe Strucures) LEONARDO, SAAB, DASSAULT

B787 -8/-9 – H/STAB

TECNAM P2002, P2004, P2006Twin, P2008 and P2010 Carbon Fiber, P2012

A380 Cargo Floor Grid

C-SERIES H/Stab LE, V/Stab TE and Fairings

E-Pteron (Italian MoD) – Unmanned Tilt Rotor

SARISTU (Airbus) Regional Jet Wing

GRETEL (LEONARDO – CleanSky 2) Wind Tunnel Model

WINSIC4P (ECSEL – H2020) – Advanced Avionics

Research Programs

ALCAS Advanced Low Cost Airframe Strucures

FSW Friction Stir Welding
Partnership with LEONARDO, University of Naples, University of Palermo
– Finite Volume Stress Analisys Theory and Model
– C27J Aft Fuse Panel, Automatic Welding Machine, Position and Force Control

COMFORT Multifunctional CF Panels
Partnership with IMAST (CNR), LEONARDO, University of Naples, Boeing

CESPERT Thermoplastic CF Structures
Partnership with LEONARDO, CETMA, IMAST(CNR)

HPRO Hydrogen Technologies
Partnership with EPFL and GRANIT (CH)

SARISTU New Technologies for Morphing Wing
EU Partnership with LEONARDO, AIRBUS, University of Naples, EADS, DLR, Bombardier, SAAB, FCC

GRETEL Morphing Wing Tunnel Test Model
Partneship with DLR, Altran, Univesrity of Patras, LEONARDO , Invent

WINSIC4AP Advance Microelectronics for UAV Powertrain
Partneship with ST Microelectronics, Siemens, CNR, Micro-Nano Technologies District

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