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Company profile

REDAM derives from REsearch and Development in AppliedMechanics and was founded in 2001 with the aim of bridging the gap between industrial application and scientific knowledge. REDAM’s activities are focused on the aeronautical system and on assembly applications (military , commercial, commercial and VLA); furthermore tools, machines, drilling masks and equipment for the maintenance and maintenance of the cell are used. Finally REDAM is growing very rapidly in the design of machines and special devices, not only for aerospace systems but also for the automotive industry.


In order to achieve our strategic goals, we rely on quality and environmental management systems certified in compliance with EN 9100 and EASA DOA P610.21J.
​Our certifications demonstrate our experience and commitment to excellence.

Why Our Services Are Better?
Our technology

Our technological skills are the Composite cure, the high-speed Machining and the distribution of calculation software.

Analysis and Design

We are specialized in structural analysis and design using dedicated software.

Digital Products

We process the digital twin of a product thanks to CAD CAM and Concurrent Engineering technologies.


Aeronautical systems and assembly applications in research capabilities for cutting-edge innovation.

System Design

We adopt modern system design methods which include: Multiphysics, CFD / FEM Coupling.

Certified product

This is meant that we are able to provide a certified solution useful for the production cycle.